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Google Business Listings: What?

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Get On the Map with Google Business Listings

When people search locally (i.e., “privacy fence Lexington KY”), Google’s first page displays a map with three businesses listed. These listings are what’s call a Google Business listing (also known as Google My Business, or GMB for short). The first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic. It’s easy to fill out a GMB and get your business verified. Google wants your basic information – where are you located, your hours, what products/services do you offer, etc. They even include a one-page website to populate if you want. They don’t tell you what you need to do to get your business listed in the top three on the map, which you need to snag that 71% of traffic.

Digital Bombers has a tried-and-true plan for building out GMB listings:

Google Business Listing Optimization

Complete Google micro-site build-out

Add directory listings

Build your Google Reviews

Add 360 photos

Digital Bombers will optimize your listing, adding posts, photos, products, and services. The microsite build-out focuses on keywords related to your business. Directory listings drive local visibility, and one of the tools we use generates positive Google Reviews.

Our 360 Photos

360 Photo of Hartland Park in Lexington, KY.

The 360 photos layer your business into multiple Google applications. We upload 360 photos through Google Street View, manually linking the images back to your Google Business Listing; we optimize the listing in both applications. Our 360-degree camera is unique. This specialty camera provides users with a virtual perspective of your business. Searchers using 360 photos have the feeling they are standing inside your business space. Companies not offering a physical location to customers can still optimize their listing with an exterior 360 photo. Our camera provides a flawless 360-degree image, all of which we can do for you to prevent any issues stitching pictures together.

How We Can Help

When you bring Digital Bombers on to optimize your Google Business Listing, you are 75% more likely to land on the first page of local search results. Be sure to check out our SEO services to get your website listed on Google’s first page. An organic website listing AND a map pack listing puts your business in TWO of the 13 spots available on the top search results page. Landing in the top three spots will give you a 700% increase in clicks than brands outside the pack. Contact us today to get this party started.