Hallway Feeds




Increased user traffic for targeted state


Total website issues fixed



Increase in social media follwers

Two graphs showing year over year increase in social media followers for hallway feeds

Digital Growth

Hallway Feeds partnered with Digital Bombers in early 2019 to increase growth and drive sales in Texas, Florida, and Virginia. We performed an in-depth SEO audit and competitor analysis, developed our strategy, and began work. Our first step was to improve the website. We fixed over 1,800 website issues and improved the site’s overall performance. From there, we began writing weekly blog posts to inject fresh content into the website on a regular basis. We tied that with ongoing SEO services, focusing on backlinks to the blog posts and other pages of the website.


On the social media side, we develop a monthly content calendar that focuses on setting them up as the expert in the industry. Their social media statistics have grown and their followers are more engaged than ever.


We run display ads on Facebook and Google that focus on brand awareness. These ads target the three states that Hallway wants to increase growth in and drive traffic to the website.

Visual representation of hallway feeds
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