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What Does Google’s New Algorithm Mean for Businesses?

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As any digital marketing expert knows, SEO (search engine optimization) is a key factor in any digital strategy. Search engines, like Google, use a website’s SEO to rank the site on their page. For example, when a user Googles “doggy daycare,” the first link they see is notably reputable. This means that Google has inspected […]

Increasing Your Instagram Following, Organically

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At this point, this isn’t news, but DO NOT buy Instagram followers. This used to be a common practice at the beginning of influencer marketing. In today’s world (and honestly, even back then) buying followers might be the worst move for your brand. Firstly, you will get very little engagement despite your large following. Second, […]

Which Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Brand?

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Every brand in today’s world knows that in order to be truly successful, you must be on social media. This is partially because the marketing power is great. Another reason is the societal ideology that a social media presence confirms an identity. What we mean by this is, if your brand is not on social […]