Lead Generation for Local Businesses

Lead generation is what most businesses need but few have the time to really focus on. Business owners and marketing directors are constantly approached by anyone and everyone who has some form of advertising to sell them but how are they to know which ones will be effective and which ones might be a waste of money?

Depending on what the business is wanting to accomplish, different marketing channels and different strategies can be implemented. For most businesses, they need qualified leads looking to spend money on products or services that they offer.

The good news is, this isn’t as hard as you think.

We have been working with our clients for years to help them grow their digital footprint which in turn brings leads in to their business. We have a new model available that will be more cost effective for the client: you pay for the results of our work, not our time to do the work (new websites excluded).

What does this mean?

It means that you, a business owner or marketing director, can have people calling and emailing who are interested in your products and services and you’re only paying for the lead, not all the work that goes into getting the lead. What business wouldn’t want an extra 50 – 100 leads each month or possibly more?

We work with our clients to determine the average cost of their service, the profit margin on the service, and their close ratio (out of ten phone calls, how many can they close) to determine what we should charge for a lead. Don’t worry, we don’t charge for every single call or email – that’s why we want to know the close ratio! Once the contract is signed, it takes us about a week to get things set up then the phone calls start rolling in.

Take a client we have in another city. The average price for their service is $1,500. The profit margin is 20% in that industry and this client is able to close 25% of the leads who contact them. We are sending them about 100 leads a month. That’s putting an extra $4,875 to their bottom line each month after paying us for the leads and after paying for the expenses on the jobs we send. $4,875 in pure profit. And they’re only paying us $26.25 per lead. Who wouldn’t want that kind of business added to their month each and every month?

Lead generation is the bill that allows a business to pay all the other bills.

As a marketing agency based in Lexington, we love to help local clients thrive. If you are interested in talking with us about the Digital Bombers Lead Generation system, contact us today to see how we can help your business!

Post by Patrick

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