Make Money as a Freelancer

Make Money as a Freelancer

Make money as a freelancer in order to have extra cash or to build the skills to make a career move where you can have more freedom in your life. It isn’t difficult as long as you know where to look. With it being the holiday season and lots of people could use a few extra bucks for presents, Digital Bombers thought it would be good to share some ways to make extra money and learn new things.

Moreover, we have been in the digital marketing business for over 20 years. We’ve seen lots of sites come and go. We know where we go to learn new skills and where we look to find new freelancers. This article will help you understand where you can find new opportunities and where you can learn skills to make yourself more capable.

What You Will Need

  1. Access to the Internet
  2. A willingness to learn new things
  3. A great work ethic: your life is busy as it is but you WILL have to make time to do this
  4. A willingness to get out of your comfort zone: these are new skills, you have to learn them, practice them, and sell yourself as someone who can do them
  5. A way to get paid: most sites use ACH so you’ll need a bank account but some people use PayPal, Venmo, etc.

What You Will NOT Need

  1. Work clothes: you’re working from your home or wherever, not in an office
  2. Set office hours: the point of this is to make money as a freelancer, to have more freedom while making a little extra cash
  3. Transportation: as long as you have access to the Internet, you can work from anywhere

Websites to Find Work

Everything we discuss in this article is going to be digital-based; it’s what we know, it’s the industry that has the most free education available, and there are opportunities galore. As you see the summaries of these sites, you will see what types of work they offer. The next section will focus on where you can learn the skills for this work. We aren’t going to go super deep on this info – you know you can go to college to learn more in-depth things and we’re not here to tell you to learn how to be a website developer. These things may require some learning and it’s all just a tip of the iceberg of making money as a freelancer.


Fiverr started as a site where people could connect for easy freelance stuff. Jobs were $5 – pay $5 to get something done, get $5 to do something. They’ve recently expanded quite a bit and now offer a very robust freelance network. They have opportunities for data entry, virtual assistant, flyer distributing, writing, graphic design, voice over work (reading a script and getting paid for it, think radio commercials), etc. This is a FANTASTIC site to get started!

Text Broker is a good place to go if you enjoy writing. You get paid to write original content for people and businesses. Text Broker has over 100,000 content orders every single month. All you have to do is sign up for an account, write an article to submit so they can determine how skilled of a writer you are, then write for people! The better you write, the more you make.

SolidGigs searches the internet looking for freelance opportunities. The site then hand-picks the top 1% of opportunities and recommends them to their freelancers. Essentially, they are the conduit that connects freelancers with good opportunities. And one of the really nice features they offer is a freelance course library where you can learn how to market yourself as your skills grow.


No, that’s not a typo. Their biz name has three E’s in it.

As your skills grow, Freeeup should be on your radar. The site works similar to how does except Freeeup requires you to apply. If your application is approved, you will have access to the freelance opportunities they work with. The jobs listed here typically pay a bit more than what you would find on other similar sites.

Millo is the parent company that owns SolidGigs and Freeeup. Their site has a LOT of information on freelance work – where to learn skills, the top freelance websites, how to start freelancing, how to find your first clients, etc.

Getty Images/iStockPhoto

This is one of the largest stock photo groups in the world. You can sign up for an account for free, submit three photos you’ve taken, and they will let you know if you qualify. If so, you receive a royalty every time someone purchases your photos. That means residual income. That means you get paid when you’re not working. What’s better than that?!

There are countless other websites available. A quick Google search for “Sites Like Fiverr” or any of the other sites listed here will yield PLENTY of results. Don’t feel like you should only use just one. Your job as a freelancer is to get your name out there. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a “seller” to start working – get your freelance profile listed on these sites and check back frequently for opportunities you’d like to pursue.


I’m sure if you looked at any of those sites you’re thinking “well yeah if I knew how to do graphic design or search engine optimization…” Fortunately, we can help with that, too! Several of the sites below are FREE. Others offer a free trial period (usually a month) then some sort of monthly fee OR a pay-per-course fee.

FREE. Moz is a fantastic company for search engine optimization. They have a LOT of online courses educating people on SEO. The link above will take you to the Beginner’s Guide to SEO where you can get an understanding of search engine optimization. In that section, there are numerous links to further your education.


FREE TRIAL: Udemy offers online courses where you learn at your own pace. Their courses aren’t free – they start at $11.99 and go up from there but the curriculum is great. You can pick an industry and go from there. Keep this on your radar for once you start making some freelance money and want to expand your knowledge to charge more.

LinkedIn Learning

What better place to take courses than from the number one professional social platform? LinkedIn offers a free trial for one month then it’s $29.99/month to have access to ALL of their courses. You select the skills you’re interested in and the site serves up self-paced courses.


I bet you’re wondering why we would call out sites that require payment when the goal is to make extra money? Well, not that I would be one to game a system, but there are some ways around this…

  • Sign up for one paid site at a time. This will let you maximize all the free trials before you have to pay.
  • Cancel prior to your free trial running out then set up a new email account and sign up again.
  • Leverage Google and YouTube for “how to” videos and tutorials on how to do certain things.
  • Once you’re making some $$, consider the paid courses or a mentor who can help hone your skills.

So to recap, here is your high-level road map:

  1. Check out the sites to determine what type of work you think you would enjoy.
  2. Take some online courses from the sites above or on other sites or YouTube to hone your skills and practice.
  3. Set up your freelance profile on all sites listed above and more.
  4. Take the leap! Sign up for your first job on one of the freelance sites. When it’s complete, solicit feedback or a review (most freelance job sites have these features built in).
  5. Promote yourself on your social media accounts.
  6. Rinse and repeat!

This is DOABLE, people. I never went to school for any of this digital marketing stuff. 100% self-taught over 20+ years. But, the sites listed here can save you about 15 of those years of trial and error! Do with this information what you wish: some only need a little extra income from time to time. Others want to quit their day jobs and have more freedom. The sky is the limit as long as you’re willing to learn and willing to work.

Digital Bombers will be expanding in the future to help more with this type of growth so check back often and sign up for our mailing list! We have two courses that aren’t quite ready for prime time but will be ready soon. We have modified courses we have taken to focus on the right processes for each so you can make money quickly. We’ve spent tens of thousands on course material over the past three years and have boiled it all down to exactly what you need to know. These will come at a price but we will have financing available and they will be a fraction of what we paid!

If you have questions or want to know more, feel free to contact us!

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