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Retargeting Ads are One Type of Paid Digital Advertising

Only 2% of first time interactions lead to a sale. Retargeting ads allow your business to stay in front of your site visitors for 30 days after they visited your website. Simple, inexpensive, and very effective!

Paid digital advertising is a vast landscape with endless possibilities. With a new website launching every 30 seconds in the world. the places you can advertise are never ending. Having a good paid digital advertising strategy will go a long way to ensure your marketing dollars are well spent.

Digital ads are usually sold either by pay-per-click or by impression. Buying impressions may seem appealing because the costs are usually low. However, we prefer the pay-per-click model. With PPC, we know people are interacting with the ad. That means they are either visiting your website or calling your phone.

Why You Need PPC Ads

Studies have shown that a person needs to see a business name six times before considering doing business with them. If they don't already know who you are, chances are slim that they are going to just go check out your website unless it is ranking well (see how all of our services tie together for a business?). Running ads both on Google's network and on social media platforms is a very effective way to drive awareness of your business.

Paid Digital Advertising Strategy

Digital Bombers uses a strategy for many clients where we run paid digital advertising campaigns while we improve the company's website SEO. As the site improves in organic search, we turn back the advertising budget to keep things affordable for the client.

For the clients with larger budgets or ones who are only interested in getting qualified leads, we develop comprehensive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaigns that cover the gamut between search and social. Some campaigns drive brand awareness and build your fan base. Other ad campaigns drive people directly to your products or services. And others may push for them to just pick up the phone and call you.

Types of Paid Digital Advertising

We use a variety of paid digital advertising for our clients. The strategy varies by client so we may or may not include the ad types mentioned below.

Search Ads

Search ads are ads that appear when people are actively searching for something on Google. They are text-based ads that contain a small amount of information and either drive people to your website or to call you. These ads are very effective. What better way to attract new customers than to appear in front of them while they are searching for products or services you offer? There is a catch. They work so well, LOTS of businesses use them.

The cost you pay per click varies. You are essentially bidding against your competitors for keywords. If you are in a very competitive industry in a large geographical area, there are likely lots of businesses bidding on the keywords you are. The larger the budget, the more effective you will be.

Long Tail Keywords

Big money isn't the only way to be effective at search, though. Long tail keywords are very precise search terms. An expensive keyword would be "realtor." A less expensive long tail keyword would be "realtor sites in Lexington." There is a very large search volume for the term "realtor" so it will also come with a higher cost per click. Since "realtor sites in Lexington" is quite a bit more specific, there will be less competition for it. That will keep the cost per click low.

Finding the right balance between general and long tail keywords is part art, part science. Luckily, Digital Bombers has a proven track record!

Display Ads

Display ads are a form of paid digital advertising that include an image. Digital Bombers designs display ads for our clients that are appealing and inviting. We try to appeal to the viewer's emotion and invite them to click on the ad. These ads can be placed on specific websites that sell advertising placement. They can also be loaded into Google's AdWords system and will be displayed on websites using the Google AdSense platform. These typically do not cost as much per click because there isn't as much of a demand for ads like these.

Social media ads are fantastic awareness drivers. They are versatile - increase your likes/following or drive people to your website. The costs range on these as well. The platform selected, the geographical and demographic groups you are targeting will impact cost. Typically, they are less expensive than Google search ads.

Facebook ads are very common. They are cost-effective, easy to set up, and there is quite a variety of ad types from which to choose.

Instagram ads are great for businesses that have great photos and  are looking to build a following. Beautiful landscape photos for lawn care businesses. Photos of a freshly waxed sports car for an auto detail shop. These appeal to the visual sense and compel people to follow your page.

LinkedIn ads are more business-to-business focused. They are a great way to attract new customers whose industry checks LinkedIn often.

Social ads are a great idea to establish a solid foundation of followers regardless of what platform you use. Once your business has the followers, anything you post in the future will have a larger reach than before. You have the potential to connect with friends of your followers. Over time, your sales will increase because you are in front of more people more often.

The trick is to ensure you have a good social media calendar built. Having followers will not do any good if you aren't putting quality content in front of them on a regular basis. Our social media strategy will help with this!

Everyone knows what a retargeting ad is even if you don't recognize that name. You know the ads that follow you around the internet? Maybe you visit Lowe's website and three days later you're seeing ads from Lowe's? Yeah, those are retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads are one of our favorite ad types. We usually start off with a regular Google ad campaign to drive traffic to your website. When the visitors are on your site, we drop a "cookie" on their computer that triggers the retargeting ads to display as the user surfs the web. The cookies stay on their computer for 30 days so we have ample time to get your ads in front of them. Best of all, these are very inexpensive to use.

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