Cozumel Birthday Trip

$120.00 per adult per day

Celebrate birthdays and enjoy a fantastic vacation in Cozumel, Mexico! We’ll be staying at Grand Park Royal Cozumel, a five-star resort that is currently ranked #11 out of 195 places to stay in Cozumel according to


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Arrival Date


Your reservation will cover a Jr. Studio suite, the all-inclusive fees for your party, food, alcohol and a traveler’s insurance policy provided by the resort and sourced through GoReady Travel Insurance.

The only thing not included is your airfare AND a tourist tax at the time of check in, approximately $20-ish per person. Lee and Joann are planning on checking in on Wed. May 17th and checking out Monday, May 22nd. You can come earlier or stay later, but the main birthday celebration will be on May 18th.

This price is limited to the people who received our email. As such, please do not forward the email or this website to anyone.

The resort is holding a limited number of rooms for this trip. All reservations must be made by September 30th to take advantage of this pricing. Please note – the resort requires payment in full to confirm reservations, so you have between now and September 30th to book your reservation using this website.

How to get from the Cancun Airport to Cozumel

The first step is getting from the Cancun Airport (CUN) to Playa Del Carmen. This is because the ferry for Cozumel leaves from Playa Del Carmen to make the crossing. You have two options to get from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen: the ADO bus or a Private Transfer.

Note: We do not recommend renting a car because you will need to park it in Playa Del Carmen and take the ferry. The time involved in picking it up would take much more time then just taking a private transfer or bus. We also do not recommend taxis because there are no meters and no set prices, plus you cannot get a discount for a round trip like the private transfers.

ADO is a public bus company that has a direct line from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen. The bus leaves from each of the three terminals at the Cancun Airport and there are ticket booths at each location.

If you’re a solo traveler, the bus is really affordable Also, the bus station you’ll arrive in at Playa del Carmen is only three blocks from the ferry to Cozumel.

However, you cannot get your ticket in advance because it’s impossible to know how long customs and immigration will take. Also, if you arrive at a particularly busy time (usually midday and some holiday periods in Mexico) the bus leaving might be full and you will need to wait until the next one (around 30 minutes apart).

If you are arriving very late the frequency is almost every 50 minutes, but then again if you arrive very late you will not be able to catch a ferry. The latest you should leave the airport on a bus should be 8:30pm in order to make your connection.

Private Shuttle

You can take a private shuttle service to Playa Del Carmen from the Cancun Airport. These are like a taxi with car service or van and are very professional. You can book this service in advance and a driver will be waiting for you at arrivals with a sign stating the company name. From the Cancun Airport they drive you directly to your destination. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Playa Del Carmen, this is about 15 minutes faster than the bus.

Getting from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel on the Ferry

From Playa Del Carmen you will either be dropped off at the bus station or just a few blocks from the Playa Del Carmen Ferry Pier. There are two companies (Ultramar and Winjet)that provide service and there is one leaving about every 30 minutes (check the Cozumel ferry schedule article here). The ride across takes about 45 minutes and you arrive right in the middle of San Miguel, the main town of Cozumel. From there you can take a taxi directly to Park Royal.

Buying tickets for the Cozumel ferry

Now there are two ferry companies that make the crossing between Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel. All boats are similar. Both ferry companies have kiosk near the ferry pier.

Most people just show up and take whatever boat is leaving next. You can buy one way or round-trip tickets. There is a small discount buying round trip and saves you from getting in line again to buy another one. We recommend just getting a one-way ticket and then buy a ticket when you are ready to come back. That way you are not waiting for a ferry that you already bought a return ticket for or trying to catch a certain time ferry.

Flying Directly into Cozumel

After you land, you’ll go down the stairs and across the tarmac, in through the glass doors to the air-conditioned customs and immigration area. There is a bathroom here.

Wait your turn with the customs agent. An official will come down the line while you wait to be sure you signed the back of your immigration form so do that ahead and avoid having to write on someone’s back in the line.

When it’s your turn with the agent, present your passport(s) and immigration form(s). Keep the customs form for your next stop down the road. The agent will stamp your passport and rip off a section of your immigration form and hand it back to you. It is VERY IMPORTANT to stow this small document somewhere safe. You will be required to have it when you leave the country.

The arrival area is very small so you can’t get lost. And lo and behold, after you come through customs you will see the baggage carousels about 15 feet away and right in front of your nose. Grab your bags and head to your left about 15 feet where you’ll see the customs x-ray machines.

When it’s your turn in this line, load all your bags including carry-on bags onto the conveyor belt and pass through to the other side. Set up your bags in preparation for leaving. But don’t go anywhere yet.

Hand the customs agent standing right there your customs form. He or She will then tell you to push a button below a stop light. (Yes, you read that correctly). If a green light pops up, your bag will not be inspected unless the x-ray machine noticed those 400 pills and a pineapple you were trying to smuggle in. In which case you’ll get your bag inspected even though you got the green light. Red light means you are unlucky today and will have to hoist your bags up on the table for a quick look through. Just smile and be patient. It will be over soon.

Once through the glass doors of customs and immigration, there’s one other trip wire to watch out for. We mention this elsewhere in the article as well, but it bears repeating. Once through the doors to the outside world, the first thing you will see is a line of Mexicans wearing matching outfits–typically a solid-colored short sleeved shirt with a contrasting solid color tie. They are time share salesmen pretending to be there to help you with your transportation needs. They can be convincing in this role. Feel free to be polite when they accost you. But be firm in refusing to go anywhere with them unless you want to view a time share presentation somewhere down the line.

Instead, hang a hard right. You will see the ticket window for the van service down at the end of the room on the exterior wall. By the way, there is no way to leave the airport except by rental car, on foot or in one of the white vans. No taxis can pick you up. So, unless you are renting a car at the airport, just get your ticket and head out the nearest door where the drivers and dispatcher will be ready to take care of you and your luggage.

You can also purchase private transportation ahead of time if you don’t want to take the group transportation. We’ve used Nexus several times in the past and been very happy with them!

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