Research and Strategy

Business growth doesn’t come from luck; it comes from understanding your customer and competition, then creating a game plan that sets you apart and drives loyalty. Digital Bombers can help you with this through our Research and Strategy services.

We’ll work with you to understand your goals and your budget, then determine which of our Research and Strategy services will best serve you. As a partner who scales to your needs, we can go as big as you need to plan for success.

Research Services

For partners who want to better understand the area they’re competing in, how they stack up to the competition, or where the future is headed, we offer a range of services. Through interviews, deep dives into your business, assessing your website, we can get a clear view of your company’s strengths and areas for opportunity. We mesh that with localized findings about your competitors, category and community, as well as overarching trends and cultural shifts, to see where you can grow. In addition, we can conduct Discovery or Design Thinking Workshops to create a plan for growth.








Future-state Visioning

Want to see what kinds of possibilities the future holds for your business? We can work with you to determine who you want to target, then show you how to reach them. Our future-state visioning helps you see how customers (and potential customers) interact with your brand, what they expect from you, and how you can surprise and delight them.








Digital Marketing Strategy Development

We can also help you lay out a very purposeful strategy for growth. By creating a digital vision, purpose, mission and imperatives, you can ensure your business stands for something deliberate, and serves its customers well.






Content Strategy and Channel Planning

How you communicate with your customers is as important as what you communicate to them. We can create a content strategy that keeps your message focused on the things that resonate with your audience, and ensure you’re using the right digital channels to reach your intended target.





Paid Media Strategy

Do you have an unlimited budget? We didn’t think so. Digital Bombers can make the most of your marketing dollars by creating a strategy that gets your message to the right customers at the right time.