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Hosting and Security

Think of your website as online real estate. It needs to be attractive to customers, but safe from intruders. Digital Bombers can take care of all of this for you.

We offer business-level cloud hosting services at standard hosting prices. This enables your site to tap into multiple servers, so you’re not relying on a single server to be working 24/7. This makes your site reliably available any time a customer wants to visit.

In addition, we are always keeping your site secure from hackers. Every site we host includes an SSL certificate, to ensure your site is trusted by customers and secures their data. We also scan for malware three times a day, keeping cyber attackers out of your site and away from your data.

Of course, sometimes crashes can’t be avoided. We plan for those unfortunate events as well; the sites we host are backed up every day, so if something ever does go wrong, bringing your site back online doesn’t mean starting from scratch.

Our backups and malware scans are done at the server level, not as a website add-on. This not-so-small details keeps your site running smoothly and quickly.

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