Using Social Media for Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Part 2

Leveraging email/newsletters and social media to market properties

Social media digital advertising is a great way to sell new homes.In our previous blog post about real estate marketing, we talked about the different website options for this industry. Like we stated then, a website isn’t a guarantee that you will generate more business. It’s a significant component, but without driving traffic to the site, no one will know it’s there.

Today, we will be discussing the importance of social media in digital advertising. Using these platforms correctly will not only drive traffic to your website; it will make your business name a household name over time.

Social Media

Facebook should be the leading platform for social media digital advertising. The demographic that uses Facebook the most also fits the demographic for homeowners and potential homeowners. Things will likely change in another decade as millennials start to purchase more homes (they aren’t as active on Facebook as they are on other social platforms), but for today, we’ll focus on Facebook.

A realtor should have a business page if their broker allows it. This will help separate personal posts from business and will keep the people viewing your professional page clear on what they’re seeing. No confusion in understanding listings then individual posts tagging relatives!

When a business page is set up, you MUST invite all your Facebook friends to like the page so you can begin to grow your audience. You should always look for ways to connect your Facebook business page to new people. More on that in a bit.

For your Facebook posts, posting links to listings is obvious. You will want your descriptions being short and sweet yet enticing enough for people to click the link. Copy/paste the link that goes directly to a property details page, not your home page. Your goal is to provide the best user experience across all touch-points, so help your viewers out by reducing the clicks needed to see what they want to see.

You should also make posts that aren’t always sales-oriented. Viewers stop looking and eventually become turned off from only seeing sales-related posts from businesses. Instead, mix things up with homeowner tips, seasonal ideas, etc. This provides viewers a reason to come back to your page. Digital advertising isn’t just about pushing a product but building a “relationship” with the end user.


Instagram isn’t a must, but since Facebook owns it and so many components relate, it’s easy to set up and maintain. Instagram focuses on photos and videos, so it’s a fantastic platform to use for pictures and videos of houses, walk-through tours, landscaping, etc. And the posts you share on Instagram can be shared automatically to your Facebook business page if desired (we recommend it).

Also, don’t forget to include hashtags for your Instagram posts. This will increase visibility, so people who may not follow your IG page currently can see your posts. And if they like what they see, they’ll like your page.

Social Ads

Social ads are HOT for realtors! Facebook’s ad platform will let you run ads on both Facebook and Instagram, so it’s yet again a way to set something up in one place and benefit on multiple sites.

Single property listings can be set up that drive viewers to your listings. We encourage carousel ads that either shows multiple listings OR focuses on one listing with numerous photos. Also, the video ads are great for providing users a tour of a property. No matter what ad type you use, ensure there is a strong call-to-action at the end (Learn More, Contact Us, etc.).

Just like with your social posts, we recommend that you mix it up. If you have $1,000/month to budget for paid ads, we will do a 60/40 split to start where 60% focuses on properties, and 40% focuses on brand awareness (your business). The brand awareness ads will not garner immediate sales, but they do build your foundation of followers. The more followers your social pages have, the higher the likelihood you’ll have on your content being shared naturally vs. having to run paid ads on them.

For your brand awareness ads, focus on what sets you apart. For many, it seems that realtors are a dime a dozen, so what is it that you do better? Do you focus on a specific niche? Have you partnered with a company that can provide special financing?

When setting up your ads, ensure you’re fully utilizing the audience targeting tools. You will see a much higher return on investment when you focus on people likely to buy what you’re selling vs. just an age range or a geographical location individually.

Final Thoughts

Just like with real estate, you will have to put some work into marketing your business and your listings. Social media has become the most effective way for realtors to get a listing in front of the right audience. Using social platforms to drive traffic to your website is a big first step to real estate marketing – steadily building your social following is the icing on the cake!

Social media digital advertising is a great way to push new real esate business to your company.Bonus: All the items mentioned above for social posts/ads are also great topics for blog articles on your website. Adding a listing to your properties is good, writing a blog about it to help focus on the things you may not capture in the listing itself is better. Incorporating your blogs into a monthly automated email system is best! Don’t worry, that’s what’s in store in our next blog article!

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