Tipsy's Woodworking

Tipsy's Woodworking



weeks from concept to launch


email subscribers on the Coming Soon page


products sold out on launch day

tipsy's woodworking

Branding/Website Design & Development/Hosting/SEO

Branding: we talked with the client about their business, their style, and their goals. We developed multiple hand-sketched logo concepts and sent them to the client to select a few they liked. Once they narrowed them down, we further developed the concepts into digital versions and showed them what they would look like on a website, social platforms, etc.

Website Design: once the logo was complete, we began putting together a couple of website concepts. The client selected the one they wanted, so we designed a couple of extras to fuel our development team: drop-down navigation styling, inner page layout, product detail page layout, etc.

Website Development: our developers took the website creative and converted it into a WordPress theme. The website uses a powerful combination of WordPress and WooCommerce as its eCommerce engine.

SEO: Our content team wrote all the copy for the website and products and once that was loaded into the site, our SEO team optimized all content and images to ensure the site launched with all best practices in place. We continue to provide ongoing SEO support to increase their digital visibility.

Hosting: We set Tipsy’s Woodworking up with a VPS that is sure to handle everything their customer base throws at them!

Ongoing Growth Retainer: The people at Tipsy’s Woodworking chose to keep us on board after the site launched to continue to help them grow their business. Under this agreement, we continue to build and deploy new feature releases for the website, we provide our ongoing SEO services, and we are working with them on their overall digital strategy.