Since the beginning of search engine technology, computer scientists have been updating Internet systems to provide the best experience for users looking for products or services on the web. If you’re a business owner who sells products or services online, you’re likely working hard to optimize your digital marketing strategy and increase visits to your store or website.

If you’ve used search engine optimization (SEO) to accomplish this, you know that SEO is a powerful tool used to increase visibility in search engines to produce qualified leads. What you may not be utilizing is the up-and-coming technology of artificial intelligence (AI). Understanding how AI and SEO can enhance your marketing efforts is paramount to utilize this new technology effectively.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI is an area of computer science dealing with machines that think like human beings. AI helps automate and improve search engine optimization. In simple terms, the main goal of SEO is to match your website to the keywords that Google’s users are searching for. Digital Bombers uses AI when implementing SEO techniques to accomplish this. If you want to move ahead of your competition, AI and SEO are key tools. Our team is one of the first in the area to combine these elements, which has proven successful for our clients.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Two subsets of AI are machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning is how machines automatically analyze data and improve based on results and achievement of specific outcomes. Machine learning produces the answer that a Google user receives after making a search query. Conversely, deep learning involves significantly large neural networks and algorithms focused on mimicking human intelligence. This process is used to power the “people also ask” section offered automatically by Google.

AI can be valuable when writing content for websites. It helps to line up SEO efforts that match search engine user queries. Our search engine optimization technicians are highly proficient in implementing these two subsets.

Utilizing AI When Implementing Search Engine Optimization

Digital Bombers uses AI and SEO to deliver the best results for your business. It is essential to correctly optimize each page to ensure that your website gets the highest possible search engine ranking and visibility. We can do this effectively by utilizing AI modules. Our highly skilled SEO technicians use keywords and backlinks to fully optimize your website and social media platforms.

Similarity and Ranking Higher Than the Competition

Cosine similarity is another technique that optimizes a client’s webpage. Google uses this deep learning tool to calculate the similarity between a search term and the content on each page of your site. SEO and AI allow a technician to link a searched keyword to your page. With this link in place, your webpage will come up when that specific word is put into a search engine. For example, with the word “construction” built into your webpage, someone searching for a contactor using that term would be led to your website.

Technicians check the cosine values of competitors’ websites that are outranking your listing on Google’s search engine results page. They then take those values and optimize a client landing page to achieve a better ranking.

Using AI and SEO for Highly Competitive Keywords

Another technique where AI and SEO come into play is with Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA). Search engines like Google widely use LDA. Using an LDA value and a competitor’s landing page, you can find keywords and optimize your page to rank higher than other sites using the same keyword. The Digital Bombers team can use LDA on your website to increase the probability of ranking higher on similar searches.

Examining Anchor Texts

Another important SEO practice is utilizing the correct anchor text when linking to another page. For example, let’s say you sell purple socks on your e-commerce website. We recommend adding a backlink using the anchor text “purple socks.” This backlink shows the customer what they can expect when they click. SEO technicians can use AI codes to scrape a competitor’s website to reveal their anchor text and its similarity to the page it is linked to. Our technicians use this information from top-ranking competitors to use anchor text effectively on a client’s website.

These are just a few examples of ways our team uses AI and SEO to improve search engine rankings. Doing so can be highly beneficial in achieving the leads you need to meet your objectives and goals. While this all may seem confusing, don’t worry! Digital Bombers is here to help you every step of the way. If you’d like to know how AI and SEO can improve your business, let’s chat! Contact us today via email at or phone (859) 509-3746.

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