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Website Development PlanningLaunching websites is easier now than it has ever been before. Website development is something that thousands of people and businesses offer but few execute with excellence. What sets Digital Bombers websites apart from the rest? We take the time to understand your business, your audience, and your goals to build a website that will accomplish what you want today while being scalable to tackle your goals of tomorrow. Our websites have delivered amazing results for our clients and we would be happy to talk with you to discuss your needs and goals. Digital Bombers can prepare your business for now and the future!

Website Development Strategy

We talk with our clients about their business needs and goals and we develop a website that allows them to scale to obtain those goals. A great website will have a solid website strategy, it will focus on the user experience, it will be scalable to grow with the client, and it will serve as the backbone for all marketing efforts.

The strategy of a website is crucial; a website development projects that have a clearly defined strategy are far more effective than the standard "who we are/what we do" websites that most businesses use today.

A good strategy can make all the difference. Does your current site have a solid strategy?

User Experience

Most website development firms are just that - they are GREAT at building websites with complex functionality. The thing they lack is a focus on the user experience - no matter how many cool features a website has, if it isn't designed with the user experience in mind, users will not stick around long enough to use the features.

Websites with a poor user experience are guaranteed to fail. What is the point of spending tens of thousands of dollars on for a new website for your business if the users aren't going to like it or use it?

User experience carries across all platforms. If your site doesn't perform just as well on a mobile browser as it does on a laptop, people will not use your website. We used to promote ourselves for building responsive sites but anymore, it's a standard feature just like Google Analytics or registering a site with Google Webmaster Tools.

Everything is all about the user experience these days. If people have a poor experience in a restaurant, they go to Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. to leave a review. Businesses must ensure that every touch point that a customer has with them is positive. The website experience is crucial. Have you talked to your customers to see what they think of your website lately?

Website Development for Easy Management

A website needs to be easy to update so a business can keep adding content and making changes to continually increase the effectiveness of the website. Digital Bombers recommends various content management systems depending on the needs of the business. A good CMS makes updating the website a breeze - no need for anyone to learn how to code anything. Jump in the admin side of the site, make your update, preview it, then publish. It's as easy as that!

The ease of use with a CMS will matter regardless of whether you are making updates to your site or paying someone to do it for you. The easier it is, the quicker the updates are made. That means more time back for you or less money you have to pay to have updates made.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Search Engine Optimization section of our site takes a deep dive into the various components of SEO but you can rest assured that when Digital Bombers launches a new website, everything is optimized. On-page optimization, image optimization, NOFOLLOW settings as necessary, etc. We could fill this section telling you all the things that go into it but the thing we want you to know is our team is comprised of SEO experts and we will ensure your new site launches with all the best practices in place.

Using Your Website for Marketing

Landing pages should be utilized to track the effectiveness of any marketing campaign or marketing platform that a business is using. Over time, this data can be used to help spend your marketing budget where you are getting the most impact and cut ties with advertising that isn't helping your bottom line.

Website Development for Data

Every website Digital Bombers launches is set up with a Google Analytics account. Our clients can see how many people are visiting their site, what time of day is the peak time, where the viewers are located, what pages they are viewing, the amount of time they spend on a page, the data is endless.

This data is available real-time should a client want to take a look. We offer reporting services where we sift through all the data to discover trends and make recommendations based on what the data is telling us.

If we set up tracking on a page level, we can identify breakdowns in a sales funnel. Let's say a client runs ads trying to sell a product. We build a landing page that the ads point people to. From there we can see how long they spend on that page, if they add a product to their cart, and if they complete the checkout process. If we see that 1,000 people have items in their cart but only 100 of them complete the checkout process, we know there is an issue with the target audience and how they respond to the checkout funnel. We then change the checkout funnel, test again, and increase the conversion rate.

If your website development company doesn't offer this tracking, don't worry! We can usually work with an existing website to set this level of tracking up!

Reasons Websites Fail

  1. Not mobile-friendly
  2. Not search engine optimized
  3. Slow to load
  4. Poor navigation
  5. Poorly designed
  6. Not promoted
  7. No call to action

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Important Website Statistics

    1. 86% of website visitors want to see a company's products or services on the home page
    2. 64% of visitors expect to see a company's contact information on the home page
    3. 39% of small business owners have no way to track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts

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Site Information

Studies have shown that website users value certain information more than others and this information allows them to establish trust with the website.

Products/Services 86%
Contact Information 64%
About/Company Info 52%
Testimonials 27%
Marketing Collateral 23%
Social Media Icons 12%
Blog/News Updates 8%
Pricing 2%

Responsive Statistics

  • Internet traffic has been over 50% of all traffic since 2015 and increases year over year
  • Internet usage on mobile devices is projected to reach 79% by the end of 2018
  • Internet sales/purchases has already reached 50% of total sales - if you are selling products online and your business doesn't have a responsive site, you could be missing out on 50% of your sales
  • 57% of people will not recommend a business/website if it has a bad mobile user experience
  • 83% of users expect an experience to be seamless across all devices
  • Conversion rates are up 64% in comparison to desktop - companies with good mobile experiences are seeing more conversion in their sales funnel than ever before
  • 88% of consumers who search for an industry/business on their phones either call or visit that business within 24 hours

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