Why Your Website Hosting Matters

Website Hosting and Security

There are countless website hosting providers available today. Website hosting is as little as $4.99/month. Ever heard that saying “you get what you pay for?” Hosting is similar.

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Make sure your provider runs frequent backups. I recently worked with a business who “had a guy” who maintained their business website. That guy ended up shutting down his business with no notice. The client woke up one day to an inbox full of customer emails asking why their website was down. They needed our help to restore their website. The first question I asked was, “Do you have a backup of the site?” They did not. Had they had a backup, we could have restored their site in a matter of hours. Instead, it took several days. The only reason it was able to be restored was that we got really lucky. In most instances, they would have had to build a new website from the ground up.
Next, let’s talk about hackers. You think that won’t happen to your website because you’re a small business and don’t have anything a hacker would want, right? Unfortunately, small sites are heavily targeted. With the low volume of traffic and infrequent updates, small websites are easy targets for a hacker to inject malware. The malware is then installed on your viewers’ computers.
Digital Bombers uses multiple website security tools to keep our clients safe. We recommend a malware scanner and an IP blocker. If we detect that one of our sites is under attack, we block the IP address automatically. We can be as extreme as blocking entire countries if necessary.
One of our smaller client sites we host has between 8-15 IP addresses blocked each month because of brute force hack attempts. Our client sleeps easy at night knowing we’re looking out for them.
Finally, the load time of your website can impact where your site ranks on Google. You can have a fantastic website that has great SEO but if it takes a while to load, your search rank will drop. Improve the load speed, improve your search rank. Your website host environment has an impact on that.
If you have any questions about website hosting or are interested in a website hosting audit for your site, let us know. It’s free of charge and our turnaround time is very fast. We’re here to help!
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