One way to attract and retain customers is to give them the information they need, when and where they need it. To really embrace this mindset, businesses need to make sure they’ve got a strategy for each of their channels, taking advantage of the pros and cons of each channel. We’d like to talk about how you can specifically optimize your mobile view.


Speed Rules


Mobile users are looking for speed—they want their search results fast, and they want the pages they visit to load ASAP. Data shows that around 40% of users will only give a page three seconds to load, any longer, and they’ll go to another site.

Speed also sets you up for search success. Pages that load quickly get more views and a lower bounce rate; users are also more likely to visit other pages. Sites with higher traffic and lower bounce rate earn Google’s “stamp of approval”—a higher ranking.


AMP Up Your Pages


So how do you make sure your pages are loading quickly? We recommend using Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) framework. For WordPress sites, there is already a plug-in to make your site AMP-compatible. For non-WordPress sites, you’ll need to check out Google’s AMP help.


Give Users a Better Experience


The AMP plug-in pares your mobile pages down to the bare essentials, which dramatically speeds up the time it takes to load. Your users quickly get what they need, because loading isn’t slowed down by unnecessary (and distracting) elements, like a nav menu, forms, popups, and even a header image.


Easily Track Your Users


As much as user experience matters, we understand that many businesses are looking for something more concrete. Fortunately, AMP has analytical tools that make it easy to see how your AMP-optimized site is doing. You can track how many people are coming to your website, how many are new visitors, how many are repeat visitors, and maybe most importantly, you can track clicks/conversions.


Make Your Ads Work Harder


If you’re running a blog or site that hosts third-party ads, you can use the AMP-ads functionality to quickly ensure the ads on your site load and catch the user’s eye. In addition, since AMP-optimized pages don’t load distractions that compete for your user’s attention (like nav menu or header element), the ads are more likely to earn a click.


How to Get Started


Want to start optimizing your mobile pages? Digital Bombers can help you take advantage of AMP. If you’d like to implement it yourself, we recommend checking out for information on how you can get started.

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