When first starting in the land of digital, it’s easy to grab some photos off the internet and post them on your website. After all, anyone who has social media does exactly that. It’s encouraged to share memes, photos, funny stories, quotes, etc. Most everything is meant to be shared these days; that must mean anything is up for grabs, right?
Unfortunately, no.

Unique Content

When it comes to creating a website, content is king. No matter how you feel about Bill Gates, he was 100% correct in stating that fact. Original content is necessary when setting up your website. Not only is it illegal to use copyrighted material, or use images without permission, Google knows when you plagiarize. Google indexes millions of websites every day; therefore, it can recognize when a site has been plagiarized and ding you for it. There are plenty of writers that would be happy to write copy for your site. Don’t where to look? Start with,, or

Free & Paid Images

Using images without permission can also get you into a sticky situation. It can cost thousands of dollars in fees if you are caught using an image without permission. Stock images are easy to find and cheap to purchase, if not free!,, and are all great “paid-sites” to buy stock photos from. They offer monthly subscriptions, as well as individual credits. Places like,, or even are excellent resources to find “free use” photos. They do ask for a small donation to the owner of the images, but it is not required. Just remember, they’re trying to make a living too! You can also take your own photos; remember to take them landscape and not portrait as computer screens are already set up in “landscape” mode.



Copyrighted Material

Not only will you be better off in Google’s eyes because of your unique content, but you’ll also stand out from your competition. You created your business because of something you have to offer that everyone else doesn’t. That should be reflected on your website. Digital Bombers is happy to help you in growing your digital presence. Contact us today, and let’s make it happen!

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