Today’s web landscape can be a tricky place. Algorithms are constantly changing. New apps, websites, and trends occur more frequently than we realize. Some businesses believe that hiring a digital marketing agency is a waste. It seems as though navigating the web would be easier today than five or ten years ago. Creating a website may seem more straightforward than ever. That may be true, but as times change, computer science becomes more complex, and businesses that choose to take on the World Wide Web on their own tend to miss out. Building a lead-generating website feels like swimming in the dark without a digital strategy to guide you.


Digital Strategy

Many new businesses jump ahead a few steps too far. To someone unfamiliar with digital marketing, building a website is the first step in the process. To us, it’s not even step two. The first thing we like to do at Digital Bombers is develop a digital strategy. After all, you must have a plan to succeed in any venture.


The first thing we need to do is understand your business. We have a few questions for you to get going. What does your business do? What are your short and long-term goals? We need to know who you think your customer base is and what sets your business apart from competitors.


We do this by creating one or more personas, getting to know your close competitors on a personal level, and nailing down your brand’s voice. With all this in mind, we work with you to develop a content strategy to communicate with your customers effectively. Then, we can move on to web design.


Building Your Website

Building a website is easy. WordPress and Squarespace offer pre-built templates for personal or business use. Throwing up a simple site is no problem. With minimal coding necessary, why not just make your own site and run with it? Well, there’s a lot more to it than that.


Coding exists for a reason. A pre-built site can take care of that for you. However, then you’re left with very little creative control. Bloated code can affect a website’s functionality. A Digital Bombers website will contain everything you want: scheduling software, contact forms, custom layouts, and more. This all includes your branded content.


Even if you already have a website, Digital Bombers can enhance or even recreate a website that better fits your needs and offers more control over the backend. There are almost no limits to what we can do for you.


Your Google Ranking

So now you have a website. Sure, your website is up and can be found at your chosen address, but it probably isn’t ranking on Google. This is where your digital strategy comes in.


While your website exists and can be found, it is likely only seen by those who get the direct link. Yes, your family and friends can spread it around and get traffic, but you are unlikely to reach qualified leads outside of your personal circle. There are numerous things that a digital agency can do for you to help you get the most out of your digital footprint.


Digital Bombers offers Google Business Profile (GBP) management. This includes everything Google needs to know about your business: hours of operation, location, web address, reviews, etc. It also allows us to create postpaid ads. Google Ads offers an abundance of advertising options. Display ads are different from search ads. Luckily, our Google Ads-certified digital marketers can handle all of that for you!



Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential to any business’s digital strategy. Search engines use SEO to find reputable websites to rank. If you want Google to notice your website, you must implement SEO best practices.


Digital assets like blogs, social media accounts, your website’s content, and built links all go into this process. SEO is a digital marketing job in itself, and Digital Bombers has the best team in the business. From copy to e-commerce, we have you covered.


Social Media

Social media is one of the more complex aspects of digital marketing. Any successful digital strategy includes social media marketing. Reputable businesses will have, at the very least, a Facebook page. To go even bigger, perhaps add an Instagram and then Twitter. Then, we can possibly get into the “niche” social platforms such as LinkedIn or Pinterest. To get on the map, a company with solid video opportunities should get on TikTok!


All that said, we live in a supersaturated world. Each platform has a wide range of users. While that can mean a massive audience, it also means massive competition. Social media is an ever-changing industry, so opting in quickly and locking down an audience is vital.


That being said, Digital Bombers understands each platform and how to make it work best for each client. We take social media management off your hands. Your job is to focus on getting and pleasing clients. Our job is to make sure your business uses the most effective digital strategy for your brand and obtain as many qualified leads as possible!


Digital marketing is challenging; building an effective digital strategy takes time and research. The web is busy, and every website and social account consistently competes with every other page out there. The good news is that there are tricks to leverage search engines to get the most out of their algorithms, and we know what they are and how to use them.


Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your digital strategy.

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