Email marketing is a complex situation. Getting customers is like dating: you want to spark their curiosity but avoid scaring them away. If you’re boring, they’ll lose interest. But, if you come on too strong and send too many texts, they’ll likely become uncomfortable and irritated and end it. In 2021, email is still one of the most effective marketing tools. The majority of emails are read in the morning, and the average time spent reading is about 13 seconds. Studies have found that most emails, and news articles, are read on mobile devices. Additionally, every one in 170 emails is forwarded to another user. We live in a world of cluttered inboxes and short attention spans. Therefore, if your email is not applicable, engaging, or offering something, it will go in the trash. Digital marketers need to know what makes an email compelling and how many emails can be sent. You do not want to reach the point at which the customer is overwhelmed in quantity but underwhelmed in quality. We’ll break it down for you here.

Pick a snappy subject

The subject of your email is the first thing the customer sees. Therefore, it has to be captivating enough to lead the customer to open it. The most commonly opened emails contain a coupon or discount code. Saving money is a huge pull, as we know. Using words like “sale,” “coupon,” or “discount” will work well in the subject line. If you are not offering a discount, you are likely sharing important news or updates. Make sure the copy is on-brand. This means that you are not using emojis and slang if your customer base is made up of middle-aged lawyers. Even if your customer base is Millenials, emojis tend to get stuck in the spam folder, so avoiding those in your subject is probably a good idea. Offer information, crack a joke or appeal to current events. Whatever you choose, stay on brand and make the purpose of the email clear.

Get straight to the point

As they say in journalism, don’t bury the lead! Today’s consumers have busy schedules and little time to dilly-dally. Remember, most users only read an email for 13 seconds. That means you have 13 seconds to wow them. With that in mind, your email needs to be quick and to the point. Adding fluff to your email bores the reader. They will deem it useless and delete it. Whatever it is you are sharing, say it immediately. If you manage to spark interest with your first few lines, they will read on.

Don’t add too many calls to action

While asking your customer to visit your website is a great way to end an email, you want to avoid too many calls to action. A mistake some companies make is adding various CTA’s. Asking them to call, visit, and click on your site may overwhelm and confuse the customer. Instead of responding, they sometimes ignore the email altogether. For best results, choose a CTA that best fits your message. If you want to drive online orders, the obvious choice is a website link. If your store is having a sale, a “visit us” CTA with a link to a map or directions would be a great pick. Additionally, a “call us” button would be an excellent option for scheduling, let’s say, a consultation or estimate.

Get the right tools!

Maybe you’re not an email expert, and that’s OK! Instead of stressing over perfecting your marketing email, you can get the best tools to help you craft a killer campaign. Klaviyo, for instance, offers all the tools you need from metrics (open rate, click rate, etc.) to percentile rank compared to your competitors. It also helps you measure your performance on specific emails by measuring your bounce rate, spam report rate, and unsubscribe rate. You can even access e-commerce statistics like average cart size and average order value. Digital Bombers uses this tool to create compelling marketing emails and has increased client revenue by over 20 percent! Email marketing can be tricky, especially in today’s cyber-cluttered world. Implementing these tips will help you craft emails that generate clicks and sales and avoid the spam folder. Contact Digital Bombers today for more email marketing tricks!
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