Have you ever wondered what the difference is between marketing and public relations? We like to look at it in simple terms. Marketing is the creative effort to sell your product. Conversely, public relations is the creative effort to sell your brand. Your brand is who you are. That includes your culture, values, voice and tone, and perhaps your stance on some touch societal concepts. These themes must stay consistent in order for your brand identity to stick. You also want to keep your fans/buyers interested in supporting you. Here are a few concepts to keep in mind when creating posts for your brand.

Voice and Tone

How a brand communicates with its customers is extremely important. Knowing your audience and what they respond to will enable you to create the perfect voice and tone. Is your brand involved in self-care and wellness? Your voice and tone are probably light, loving, and sensitive. You would use words like “luxurious” or “heavenly.” If your brand is geared towards the youth, you take a more playful and comical tone. Your brand probably employs acronyms like “LOL” and “OMG” in your marketing campaigns. Once your voice and tone are established, your creative team needs to meet in order to ensure consistency. The last thing you want is someone on your creative team ending a caption with “LOL” and then posting to your elderly followers who just want to find a good washing machine. With your keywords locked in, your social team can get cracking on creating content that fits your brand and also performs well on SEO.

Brand Values

Every brand has values. Your values are what lead to your “why,” also known as the reason you went into this business and keep it running. Construction companies hold values such as integrity, meaning they are committed to delivering the quality home that you paid for. Similarly, sports companies value perseverance, which is why they are constantly striving to create the most innovative technology for their athletes.

Your values are what your brand is built on, and what keeps your customers satisfied. Establishing values is one of the first steps in building a brand identity. Demonstrating those values is what keeps your employees and customers loyal to you. Every company should come up with three to five values that represent their brand and use those values as the core of their content. Then, build your keywords around those values to keep your SEO running smoothly and generating sales.

Company Culture

Your company is more than just a group of people selling something. Your company is your brand. The people behind the operation are what makes the business flourish, and making sure that your staff fits your culture is extremely important. Today’s customer wants more than just your product or service – they want to meet the team behind what they are purchasing.

Your team should embody your brand values. If your brand cares about giving back to the community, then your staff needs to emulate that. This means that your “Giving Back” webpage should have photos of your team doing community service, or posing with the charity organization. Customers want to see your company practicing what they preach. That includes having social media accounts that radiate the same energy that your brand does. If your customer-facing staff has public Instagram profiles, make sure they don’t share posts that go against any brand values.

Political Stance

In the past few years with social movements sweeping the world, the stance of your brand has become vastly more important than your products. If society deems your stance on political issues to be incorrect, your brand is tarnished and your products are in jeopardy. We have seen some big companies take a dive in sales due to some tone-deaf responses to social issues. Similar things have happened to brands that openly support political figures.

The best way to avoid brand embarrassment and potential losses is to just stay out of it. If your brand doesn’t align with any issues that are at play, keeping yourself out of the ring is a good idea. Politics is complicated. While calling out racism and other humanitarian issues is never a bad idea, chiming in when it is not necessary can put you in hot water. The only thing worse than saying the wrong thing, is saying the wrong thing when it isn’t your turn to speak.

If your brand does align with a social issue that is getting media attention, you may need to comment on it. If that is the case, please take serious caution and consideration before posting. Start with social listening to feel the atmosphere around the subject, and then get your creative team together with your legal team to discuss viable options. Always stick to brand values, and keep any stakeholders in mind. However, if your brand is globally known and has many stakeholders, it may be time to review your partnerships and ensure they all align with your brand and support its best interests.

Keep it Consistent

Brand management is no easy task. The atmosphere can change in a flash, especially in a world of social media and an endless stream of communication. Your public relations team is a vital component of your company. Make sure they understand your brand and the changing landscape of the internet. Your team needs to be ready to react at any moment. The main idea of brand management is to keep your content consistent with voice and tone and ensure your reactions fit your values.

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