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Top Marketing Challenges in 2017. 65% of businesses say that lead generation is their top challenge. Chart provided by Hubspot Research.
Top Marketing Challenges in 2017. 65% of businesses say that lead generation is their top challenge. Chart provided by Hubspot Research.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is something that every business needs but may not have enough knowledge to get new clients in an effective manner. Companies are bombarded with marketing opportunities. Run an ad here. Get your company listed there. How is a small business owner supposed to find the time to research all of the marketing avenues? How are you to determine which ones are cost effective and ultimately, which ones will generate new clients for your business?

Do You Need More Clients?

The Digital Bombers Lead Generation team researches your business, performs a competitive analysis, looks at your geographical area, and a number of other metrics to determine what will work best for you.

Different industries and different geographical areas require different amounts of work to generate leads. Rest assured, if Digital Bombers says we can help, you will start seeing new leads within the first two weeks of working with us.

How Lead Generation Works

We have a couple of different models that from which you can choose. The decision on which will be the best will depend on your existing website and budget. There has to be a well-performing website, some content optimization, and data analytics to track the results.

Website Setup & Optimization

We will review your existing website to determine if it is a good lead generation candidate. If not, we will build a new website for your business or lease a site to you (yes, we lease sites). With any of these three options, we optimize the website both on-page and off-page to get it to rank well in search engines.

Google My Business (Google Maps)

We set up a Google My Business listing for your business. Have an existing GMB listing? No worries! Grant us access to the listing and we will optimize it. The end goal is to have your business listed on the first page of the search results in the map and in the organic results.

Paid Ads

Getting a website on the first page of Google takes a lot of time and effort. In order to deliver results immediately, we set up a paid ad campaign to generate qualified leads.

Most lead generation companies will set up a basic AdWords Express campaign to bring in leads. While this method works, it isn't as effective or cost-efficient as what Digital Bombers does. We set up a full-scale AdWords campaign including remarketing ads with extensive keyword research. This ensures we're getting the most bang for your buck. Check out our Paid Ads section for details around this.

Combine a first page listing with paid ads and your phone will be ringing off the hook!

Tracking the Leads

In order to track the leads, Digital Bombers uses a custom telephone number that forwards incoming calls to your business phone. This phone number has a dashboard where we see how many calls are being generated from our marketing efforts.

Your customers will hear an initial prompt saying that the call will be recorded for training purposes. We do record the calls so we can determine which ones are telemarketers and can have those numbers blocked. We can also leverage this feature to see if there are coaching opportunities for the people answering your phone. Lead generation won't work if you don't have people who can make a sale.

Lead Gen Issues & Solutions

Existing lead generation businesses send tons of unqualified leads to businesses. The business sees an increase in contact but 27% leave a false name, 30% leave a bogus phone number, and 28% use a dummy email address.

Digital Bombers only provides quality leads - people who are actively searching for your product or service and are located in your area. If we say we are going to deliver, we do it!

Lead Generation by Digital Bombers

Data Driven Lead Gen

Lead generation can generate a lot of really useful data. This data can be used to hyper-focus on your target audience.

Because of this, your lead generation system should always evolve. You can spend your money smarter and it will results in more qualified leads for less money. That's not to say you should trim your budget back. Continue with the same lead gen spend and you'll be getting more leads than ever before!

What to Expect from Lead Generation

Hire Digital Bombers to help with lead generation and you will get results quickly. There is a small set-up fee involved and once paid, you will notice an increase in phone calls within two weeks. We also track emails being sent so you will see a slight increase there but we've noticed that this system generates far more phone calls than emails!

No matter what path you choose, Digital Bombers is the only business in the area that will guarantee an increase in calls from people actively searching for your products or services.

Please note, this does not guarantee new clients. It should equate to new business for you. However, we can only control the lead generation process. It is up to the business to close the deal with the leads.

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