2023 promises to be an exciting year for Digital Marketing as Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes the digital space. With AI-driven automated processes and capabilities, content creation will become easier than ever, allowing marketers greater control over their outreach strategies in real time!


What is AI, exactly?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a machine or machine that simulates human intelligence. You might be saying to yourself, that’s a pretty wide range of things AI should be able to do, right? You’re correct!


AI doesn’t just generate the odd paragraph or sentence anymore; it is used to simulate a whole host of things. If you’ve Googled anything on the internet, you’ve used Artificial Intelligence!


How is Artificial Intelligence utilized?

Google uses AI in almost everything it does. Google’s search engine is probably the number one technology everyone is familiar with that uses AI. Its search engine uses constantly evolving algorithms to bring you the most relevant data when you enter a search query. One of the reasons staying up to date on your website SEO is so important!


AI is also included in your Google Ads recommendations, “Smart Reply” in your Gmail inbox, “Quick Access” in your Google Calendar, and the “Safe Content” feature on YouTube, to name a few.


Any “smart” device, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, also utilizes Artificial Intelligence. Voice commands have long since been part of AI and have become prevalent in many other devices.


How do I use AI in my marketing?

There are plenty of ways to employ AI to help grow your business. Email Marketing is a great way to ensure your clients get relevant information at the right time. Setting up automated emails based on which products a customer has viewed on your website, purchase history, appropriate timing, and other demographics is an easy way to get AI working for you.


Promoting the use of automated Chatbots on your website is another way to incorporate AI into a valuable tool for your business. An increasingly popular trend is the notion of “I have a question and need it answered, NOW.” Chatbots can answer simple questions, or you can even get pretty complex, and they can answer more detailed questions in just a matter of minutes.


A feature that has become more popular recently is AI-generated imagery. While some images can still look, well, odd, some look pretty realistic! A simple Google search can lead you to a plethora of different AI Art websites that all basically offer the same thing. Lensa AI was another popular app many people used over the holidays to elevate their social media profile picture game!

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