If you’ve dabbled in digital marketing at all, you’ve probably heard of the term “SEO,” or Search Engine Optimization. It is a vital aspect of any successful online business, from blogs to e-commerce and beyond. To understand it and how it works, there are a few things every digital marketer needs to know.

First of all, what is SEO?

Yoast defines SEO as “the practice of optimizing your web pages to make them reach a high position in the search results of Google or other search engines.” Basically, it’s a way of setting up your content to rank highly on search engines by using key words in your copy, backlinks from other websites, solid coding, and social media engagement (to name a few). These are all ways to drive traffic to your website without paying for ads. Digital Bombers can help you optimize your website and increase leads.

How do you get started on proper SEO practices? 

The first thing to look at when designing an SEO strategy is content. A properly optimized website has at least 500 words per page. Your copy is what gets your website noticed on Google and other search engines, and is the most important aspect to look at when analyzing. If your website doesn’t have good copy, there is nothing for Google Search to locate and rank. Go ahead and try it. Google “SEO” and your search will likely come up with a few blog posts mentioning SEO and digital marketing. That is the kind of copy search engines look for, and the kind of copy that will get you noticed.

What about coding? 

The coding of your website is complicated, but important. From link building to loading speeds, a properly coded website can reap a myriad of benefits, especially when a search engine is crawling your site. For more information on coding and to get a free SEO audit, visit our SEO page.

Now you’ve decided you need expert assistance on SEO. What now?

Search Engine Optimization is not a one-step process. It requires monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily updates to your website to ensure you’re following best practices and keeping up with algorithms. In addition, writing SEO-friendly copy can be a daunting task. That’s why Digital Bombers is here for you. We can take care of everything on your website from creation to blogging and SEO, to email marketing and lead generation.

Contact us or give us a call, and we will make sure your website is optimized for best performance so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

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